Winter Jasmin


Latin Name : Jasminum nudiflorum

Flowering as early as November/December, the Winter Jasmin gives a much needed lift to the dull, dank days of winter. Usually grown against a trellis, fence or wall, it will exceed 8 or 10 feet in height, and will usually hold itself up with a little assistance of a strand or two of garden wire. But as this image illustrates very well, it will weep over a wall to great effect. Very Hardy.

Flowering as it does at a time when it has dropped its leaves. The green is the colour of the twigs.

Still Flowering in the Snow

When looked at in close up, the abundant flowers show themselves to be quite beautiful.

During the early spring, the flowering period is over as the new leaves start to appear. During the Spring and Summer months, the new growths can be considerable, even up to 3 – 4 metres if allowed, and any pruning should be carried out immediately after flowering as the flower buds form on the new growth (although I have found that you can achieve a moderate pruning in April without harming the density of flowers the following winter).

This close up gives a better idea of the leaves.