The Bribery Act 2010

It is, and always has been the policy of Priestgate Garden Specialists to carry out every aspect of its business in an open and honest way.

We welcome the introduction of this Act, as we have a zero tolerance policy with regard to bribery and corruption.

As suppliers of Gardening Services to both Private and Commercial Clients, it is our policy to report to them in writing upon being aware of any actual, suspected or implied breach of any anti-bribery law.

As suppliers, we keep detailed books, accounts and records which accurately reflect our transactions, and any actions that we have to take to comply with applicable anti-bribery laws, which we keep for a period of six years from their creation.

These records will be available if reasonably required by any of our clients to demonstrate our compliance, and Priestgate Garden Specialists will give reasonable assistance to any client and cooperate in relation to any Police, judicial or regulatory investigation or enquiry in relation to any suspected bribery or corruption, whether during the term of our agreement with any client, or up to six years after its termination.