Eastern Hemlock

Latin Name : Tsuga canadensis

Generally grown in a ‘Forest’ situation, but also in large gardens, stately homes, that kind of setting, the Eastern Hemlock is a large and fast growing conifer with a very graceful habit. Its branches naturally spread.

Commonly used as a ‘Nursery’ crop when planting Beech, it is used to draw up the Beech to produce straight trunks for timber production.

Used often in Floristry as an accessory to show of a floral arrangement, the Western Hemlock actually makes an extremely graceful and impressive specimen tree, but you need the space to accommodate it.

Fresh new growth appearing in the Spring

Cones of 1.5 -2.5 Cms

Seen here in a woodland setting

Dozens of cultivars exist, many suitable for rock gardens. This weeping cultivar is an example.