Ornamental Climbers


Ornamental Vines come in all shapes and sizes …. this one is Vitis coignetiae … it has no Common name. However it is one of the most popular ornamental Vines out there. A deciduous climber, it’s summer leaf is green, it is broadly ovate or rounded in shape, and when vigorously growing can produce leaves up to 30Cms across. Its 12mm fruits are black when ripe, with a plale bloom formed by its natural yeast covering.

In the late Summer/Autumn period, these same leaves turn magnificent colours, giving us all a clue as to their popularity perhaps.

Here is another ornamental Vine – Parthenocissus tricuspidata ‘Veitchii’ – commonly call the Boston Ivy. Again this is a deciduous plant which clings to surfaces using tendrils that affix to whatever they touch. These generally 3-lobed leaves are green and very glossy when they emerge, and they are easily capable of covering the gable end of a house, and of some of the roof too ! And even though they’re just green leaves they look really nice – until the autumn ………..

……….. when it becomes FANTASTIC !!!

This one is also a Parthenocissus, but this time this one’s called P. henryana. It too is best on a wall, where it is able to hang on itself. Each leaf has between 3 to 5 dark green oval leaflets but with the veins highlighted a silvery-white. Its fruit are a dark blue colour.

And again, not a bad show of colour in the Autumn. Always best on a wall, and if it faces South, so much the better.