Latin Name : Crataegus monogyna


Flowering early in the year – March/April, but after Blackthorn, the blooms appear as the leaf emerges. Known locally as the ‘Common Hawthorn’, ‘May’ or ‘Quick’. This species is called monogyna, which means ‘one seed’. Most thorns have more than one inside the berry, so checking the number of seeds inside the berry is a surefire way of confirming its identity.

Grown popularly as a hedge in both town and country, it makes a superb hedge, which is shown here in flower.

In time, the flower gives way to red berries, which in this Thorn Tree are known as ‘Haws’.

Under certain conditions, it can produce an attractive autumn leaf colour.

I’ve included this image to illustrate the fact that it does sport a wealth of thorns, which are not always noticeable, so take care …