The Stag’s Horn Sumach

Latin Name : Rhus typhina

A Lone Tree

Propagated by root cuttings, this is the deciduous tree/shrub, the Stag’s Horn Sumach. It is grown predominantly for its reliable and brilliant Autumn Leaf Colour and is definitely in the top 5 of ornamental trees and shrubs grown for that specific reason. When grown in drifts or mass plantings, it does also lend an ‘Oriental’ feel.

A Pinnate Leaf

Its large Pinnate leaves grow on unusually hairy branches, whose likeness to the covering of a Deer’s antlers give it its Common Name.

Typical Flower

By and large these flowers are held upright on the tree, and in this image there is a glimpse of the velvety down covering on the twig.

And this is the reason for its popularity. A reliably bright show in the late Autumn months which can last into the first snows of winter.