The Cabbage Tree

Latin Name : Cordyline australis

Originating in New Zealand, the Cordyline brings with it that sense that you are in a warmer climate. Generally with a single trunk, although this image has multiple stems. Common in the South West of the UK, where the climate is more temperate, the Cordyline is quite a tough plant and can commonly be seen up here in the Midlands.

It is a bit of an ‘Architectural Plant’, and works well in some building situations, as the image above demonstrates.

The small creamy-white flowers are produced in large terminal panicles in early summer, and are fragrant. The leaves are long and blade-like.

There are purple cultivars out there if you fancy something a little different …

… and as if to prove the connection with the West Country, this one is called ‘Torbay Dazzler’.