The Broad-Leaved Cockspur Thorn, or Cherry-Leaved Thorn

Latin Name : Crataegus prunifolia

This is a lovely ornamental thorn tree. It makes a small tree with a broad crown and is called prunifolia because the shape of its leaves are reminiscent of a Cherry leaf – Cherry being ‘Prunus’. 

As this image shows, the leaf shape is completely different to the more commonly known Hawthorn, but it shares its ability to produce masses of white flowers in the spring.

These white flowers give way to an abundance of red berries which, like most of the 50 or so different species of Thorns that can grow in the UK, contain between 3 to 5 seeds.

The only exception is the Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna which has only one seed in each of its berries – ‘monogyna’ meaning one seed.

Autumn brings about an impressive change in the trees appearance. And it certainly rivals some of the most obvious candidates when it comes to the intensity of its autumn leaf colour.

And once the leaf finally falls away, the tree is left holding onto its berries.