Summer Bedding – French Marigolds

The French Marigold is a low growing species which creates a small mound maybe 20-25 Cms across and 15-20 Cms high. Easily grown from seed, the flowers are commonly yellow or orange.

Bought from the Garden Supermarket in trays, they are easily transplanted into the position that you want to fill.

Being low growing, they are best placed towards the front of a border, or as an edging for a path. But they do equally well in Tubs and Window Boxes or Troughs.

But remember to keep them well watered and add feed every month or 6 weeks through the season to get good results.

As with all things these days, there are many varieties and colour mixtures to choose from, however they are all very easy to grow, and if you remove the faded flowers, they will continue to produce more flowers right into Autumn.

Plant them in your greenhouse or in between your rows of leafy vegetables and they will help to discourage greenfly.