Latin Name : Euphorbia

The Spurges are an interesting group of plants, forming one of the largest Genus including anything from Alpines to 100 foot tall trees; ornamental plants to weeds. For the purposes of this entry in our Plant Guide, we are discussing only the herbaceous perennials – cultivated varieties which are very decorative, and provide a very decent splash of colour, even in shady places.

Known for producing colourful bracts fairly early on in the season, and height to a planting, either on their own or at the back of a border, the Euphorbia certainly has its uses and it’s easy to grow. Standing in some cases about 1 metre tall there can be a tendency for them to flop over, so thoughtful placing is never a bad idea.

And there are some quite spectacular varieties out there which can hold there own very well in the ‘Showoff’ stakes!

This one with a contrastingly dark centre …