Scots Pine

Latin Name : Pinus sylvestris

For commercially grown Scots Pine trees, their life will start in a forest Nursery.

Mature Pine Trees are often lopsided. However, during those early years of their life, they all look very much the same.

From the seedling stage, and after maybe 2 years in a nursery, the young trees will be planted out, mostly in a recently cleared site of newly felled trees, like the photo above, to begin the 60 or 70 year cycle once more.

Male Flowers

Once they have a few years under their belts, the male flowers will appear in the Spring.

Female Flowers

These then pollinate the female flowers …

…. and the result is ….

…. and ending up as ….

A mature cone

The final observation I would bring to you is the orange quality of the bark. Particularly evident in this large stand of Pines.