Rowan or Mountain Ash

Latin Name : Sorbus aucuparia

Winter Twig

The Winter Twig image shows the very end of a branch, displaying both the buds and what remains of what started life as the flower stalks. Once the flowers were pollinated, the same structure held the berries and now they’re gone will eventually be discarded.

Leaf and Flower Emergence

In the Spring, when the cycle begins once more, the leaf together with the cluster of flower buds push their way into the light pretty much together.

The Umbels of Flower

The way in which the individual flowers are arranged is called an Umbel. They make an impressive display.

Berries Forming

Upon being pollinated, the ovaries swell, forming individual green berries held in bunches, where they ripen to an Orangy Red.

The leaf can be seen quite well in this image and the little leaflets arranged on a central mid-rib are referred to as ‘Pinnate’.

Ripened Red Berries

Once the berries have ripened, the contrast between them and the green of the leaf shows them off to full advantage.

Autumn Colour

And as summer draws to a close and the days shorten and the temperature drops, the green pigment fades to reveal shades of Yellow, Red and Orange.

Finally, once the leaves are gone, the berries remain to feed the birds and help them through hard times.