Latin Name : Ligustrum ovalifolium


Possibly the most well known of all hedging plants, Privet remains a very popular choice for domestic garden hedges. They are semi-evergreen, meaning that in a mild winter, they will hang on to their leaves. However, if the temperatures drop well below freezing for prolonged periods, they will lose their foliage, only to come back into growth again in the Spring. It is a tolerant shrub, and a neglected hedge or shrub can easily be restored to it’s former glory by cutting back or re-shaping. Their white flowers produce dark purple, almost black berries, however they are not usually grown for their flowers and berries.

Privet Hedges – very popular choice for domestic hedging.

Ligustrum Flowers

Prolific flowerer, if allowed to do so.

Ligustrum’s black berries

If allowed to flower, black berries ‘will most definately come’.

Golden Privet