Aucuba, Japanese Laurel, Spotted Laurel, Gold Dust Aucuba Plant.


Latin Name : Aucuba japonica ‘Maculata’

The Aucuba is mostly known for being a very shade loving shrub with dark green leaves randomly splashed with golden yellow. It was much loved in older Parks and Gardens and its yellow/green variegation gives a splash of colour to shady areas where colour from more traditional plantings cannot be achieved. The plants are either male or female, and of course it is the female clones that produce the red berries.

Young spring growth shown off by the sun.

Although this Aucuba is of a different variety (Aucuba japonica ‘Longifolia), it shows the flower type that goes on to produce the berries.

Being a female clone, A.j.’Maculata’, which is also referred to as ‘Variegata’, always produces berries.

This more spectacular variety is Aucuba japonica ‘Crotonifolia’, which is probably the best variegated variety, but is male and therefore produces no berries.