Japanese Pachysandra


Latin Name : Pachysandra terminalis

Pachysandra is a dwarf evergreen sub-shrub, good in shady areas. It has monoecious flowers, which means that it has male flowers and female flowers, both on the same plant. Despite the fact that is shares the same Family as the Common Box – Buxaceae – which tolerates most soils, Pachysandra is not a fan of shallow chalky soils.

As a shade tolerant groundcover plant, it is fantastic for covering bare soil at the base of trees, or other very shady areas. This allows their white flowers to stand out very well when they appear in at the end of the previous years shoots in February and March. Therefore cutting the ends back at the end of the summer will mean you are taking the flower buds, so beware of doing that.

There are also variegated varieties out there should you wish.