Ornamental Bramble


Latin Name : Rubus cockburnianus

Just so we know what we’re talking about, this is a picture of the common Bramble or Blackberry, which belongs to the Family Rosaceae and has several hundred species or micro-species – most people know what that looks and feels like ….

There are very few ornamental Brambles available to grow in your garden, although there are several thornless varieties, some of which produce enormous berries. This white stemmed prickly variety is grown purely for its visual effect. It has much more delicate pointed leaves than the Type, and shows up well against a dark fence or wall, although it will do just as well in an open situation, as in this case against the red stemmed Dogwoods – Cornus alba.

The ‘White’ is a bloom which will rub off, and the small purple flowers which appear at the end of the shoots give way to black fruits, also with a bloom.