Norway Maple

Latin Name : Acer platanoides

Summer Appearance

The Norway Maple is one of our commonly occurring trees that sometimes is confused with the Sycamore, another closely related common tree.


Seen here in leaf,  there are a number of clues to look for when trying to distinguish between the two.

The opposite buds are red

The first thing to point out is that the winter bud is red. Seen here on the cusp of opening.

Flowers appear on bare twigs immediately before the leaves emerge

The yellow/pale green flowers are held erect and upright on the bare twig.

After the leaf appears, the seeds quickly begin to form, generally shedding a great number that it will not be able to support. Having said that, thousands will stay and ripen to maturity

The leaf of the Norway Maple is ‘palmate’, and its leaf edge or ‘margin’ is ‘entire’. This means that the very edge of the leaf has smooth unbroken lines and is not serrated like a kitchen knife.

When the cold mornings of Autumn come, the leaves turn yellows and reds before leaf-fall