Everyone knows what a Magnolia looks like. So I have deliberately chosen a variety which allows me to show you that there are Magnolias out there whose flowers aren’t ‘Magnolia’ coloured. The photo is showing ‘Susan’ in early April, flowering on bare wood. She will also flower again when she is in full leaf, at the height of summer, in July/August. But she needs space, as do many Magnolias, but will respond to being cut back if she takes over.

The very popular Magnolia x soulangeana whose early spring flowers are often damaged by late frosts

There are some evergreen varieties. This is Magnolia grandiflora which will cover the side of a large house.

This smaller growing species is Magnolia stellata which rarely gets taller than 3M high and flowers in March/April

And finally, the lovely Magnolia stellata ‘Rosea’