Lime Tree or Linden

Latin Name : Tilia

The Lime Tree or Linden are available in many species. However, I shall only inclue two of them in this post as they are the ones that you are the most likely to come across. Starting with the Broad-Leaved Lime, Tilia platyphyllos.

This is a large, vigorous deciduous tree with a rounded habit

Its leaves are round, but with a pointed top and serrated leaf margin. The image above illustrates both leaves and flowers. The flowers begin to appear in late June – early July

The ripened seeds following the flowers

This image showing the winter twig,

This is the Small-Leaved Lime, Tilia cordata, which forms a medium to large deciduous tree. Its leaves are 5 – 7 Cms long and heart-shaped, and its flowers, which generally appear after the Large-Leaved Lime are sweetly scented