Lawson Cypress

Latin Name : Chamaecyparis lawsoniana


Not used anything like as much as it once was, the Lawson Cypress will top out at around 50 ft.. As a hedge, like the majority of conifers, cutting back should be restricted to within the depth of the foliage. Cutting beyond this will prevent further lateral growth. Unlike Leylandii, Lawson Cypress has a pleasant resinous aroma. Commonly available forms will give a choice of form and colour. There are many ‘dwarf’ varieties suitable for rockeries or tubs.

This image details the ‘look’ of the foliage of the Lawson Cypress.

Yellow Lawson Cypress are out there to be had. They are naturally slower growing, but make great specemins or hedges.

This blue Lawson is a great backgroud tree against which to view contrastingly different coloured plants.