Latin Name : Lavandula sp.

Lavender has been used for generations and is well known for the strong and calming effect of it’s scent. The popular Lavender in this image is Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcot’, a slightly more compact form of the type.

Often planted as an edging for paths, it enhances the garden with its scent and colour, and soften the edges of the path as well.

Capable of coping well in arid conditions, the Lavender is of course a Mediterranean plant like Rosemary, and will do very well in dry situations with no reason for concern.

Lavender flowers seen here close to.

This is a ‘French Lavender’ – Lavandula pedunculata. Quite a popular plant with its ‘Rabbit Ears’.

And lastly a glimps of a field of commercially grown Lavender. Couldn’t resist it …