Wild Cherry, Gean or Mazzard

Latin Name : Prunus avium

Seen here in an open setting, this Wild Cherry has a short trunk and a crown which is easily accessible for gathering the fruit. 


However, you may be surprised to learn that in a close competition mixed woodland setting this Native Tree can attain heights exceeding 70 feet.

Winter Twig

The cluster of winter buds is typical of Cherries, and is a good clue for identification.

Tree Bark

Classic photo of the bark of most varieties of Cherry trees to be found in the UK. The horizontal markings are difficult to miss.

Flowers April/May

Terrific show of flowers in Spring, inspiring the hope for a good crop later.

Typical Serrulate Leaf

Once the flowers have been pollinated and the leaf is out, the fruit starts to show itself.

Wild Cherries

The shiny fruit is small and a Red/Purple colour, and it can be bitter. Very popular with the Birds.

Autumn Leaf

And finally the autumn days bring some of the finest colours out there.


It is from this tree, the Wild Cherry that most of the Sweet Cherries have been bred.