Elder Flower, Common Elder


Latin Name : Sambucus nigra

A common hedgerow shrub, and often thought of as being a tree, Sambucus has quite a few noteworthy ornamental varieties. This however is the common Elderflower. Interestingly it’s scent has the effect of warding off some flying insects, and back in the day it was commonly planted outside the food store or Larder of a house, which commonly only had netting in place of glass in their windows.

The Flowers of the Elder can be gathered to make a refreshing Summertime Cordial.

Once pollinated, the flowers give way to heavy bunches of berries …

… and the berries make quite a good red wine.

This is quite a rare Variegated form …

This cutleaf yellow variety goes by the name of ‘Golden Tower’

… and this is ‘Black Lace’

… and lastly a close up of ‘Black Lace’s’ flower.