Latin Name : Narcissus

I would guess that almost everybody knows what a daffodil looks like, although some might not know of its Latin Name. There are probably thousands out there to choose from, so I’m only going to present a very small number for you to consider. The one at the top is called ‘Peeping Tom’, and if you saw a drift of them, you would immediately know why, because they seem to be staring at you.

This is a ‘Pheasant’s Eye’ Narcissus, for obvious reasons.

… and this a creamy double flowering type.

This Narcissus is called ‘Charming Lady’

… and this one ‘Elizabeth Anne’

This is a miniature, only 15 Cms tall, called Narcissus cycleminius.

… and this a  bi-coloured double. There are many out there, so when the bulbs start appearing in the retail outlets at the end of the summer, go and see what’s out there. The Spring Bulb planting season starts in September.