Latin Name : Rudbeckia

Along with Echinacea, the Rudbeckia is also sometimes referred to as the Coneflower. Confusing, you might think. But don’t panic, because it has other common names to help you :- Black Eyed Susan, Brown Betty, Marguerite Jaune, and Hairy Coneflower to name but a few. Precious wonder that horticulturalists stick to Latin names – it’s much less confusing !!

Guarenteed to deliver the ‘Wow!’ factor, the Rudbeckia is generally a mid/late summer flowerer, and the many varieties bring different shades and sizes of both flower and plant size.

These characteristically cheerful flowers are produced at the end of long growths from mid to late Summer onwards and into the autumn in some cases.

Lots of varieties to choose from. If you have a sweet tooth, this one’s called ‘Chocolate Orange’ ….

…. and it’s always nice, especially in these days, to support as many facets of nature as we can at the same time.