Cedrus sp.

The first of the three main commonly seen Cedars is the Deodar or Himalayan Cedar- Cedrus deodara – A beautiful large coniferous tree starting off with slightly blue coloured needle, but soon becomming a darker green. Always with a slightly drooping habit.

The Atlas Cedar- Cedrus atlantica – so called because of its origins in the Atlas Mountains in Algeria and Morocco. Makes a very large coniferous tree. With needles held in whorls much shorter than the Deodar above, whose needles may exceed 4 Cms in length.

The Cedar of Lebanon – Cedrus libani – is a native of Asia Minor and Syria. A wide spreading coniferous tree which is a slower growing tree that the Atlas Cedar. It starts off its life with a typical conifer ‘Cone’ shape,, growing into its iconit ‘flat-topped’ shape with a sort of tiered effect.

You are unlikely to plant many of these very large trees unless you own a Park. This image with the longer needles on the Deodar shows the magnitude that even the cones exhibit.

This is a young blue atlas cedar, probably about 15 – 20 years old.

… and a weeping variety of the same thing.