Common Alder

Latin Name : Alnus glutinosa

The Common Alder Tree can be found everywhere. It is a small to medium sized tree that will grow in almost any soil except for shallow chalky ones. They do particularly well in damp places and are often to be found growing on the waters edge of rivers, lakes and ponds.

Winter silhouette

The look of the tree in Winter is of bare branches laden with lumpy stuff. This generally turns out to be seed cones throughout the crown and the beginnings of Catkins on the tips of twigs.

Catkins in March

Male and Female Catkins appear on the same tree – red for Male and green for Female.

Summer leaf, fruit and bud

The leaf is basically round with an irregularly serrated margin, and this image shows the bud and the fruit which is the result of the female catkin.

Summer Tree

This image of summertime shows a typical lakeside position.

Seed in Cones

The cones then ripen and, as in the first image, often remain on the tree throught the winter period.