Latin Name : Fagus sylvatica


Beech in a Woodland setting

Beech is a deciduous tree that also makes a really good hedge. The reason for this is its ability to keep growth low down, and also because it keeps its winter leaves throughout most of the winter period, thus maintaining a visual screen. Commonly, both green and purple varieties are available. Care should be taken of your eyes, because the winter buds, which are alternate are extremely pointed and could puncture your eye. There are many different forms of Beech, in both colour and shape of leaf, and in habit of growth. Interestingly it’s seeds are three sided, and it’s seed leaves are a unique shape.

Beech Buds

Clearly showing the sharp nature of Beech buds, at the onset of Spring, they swell and push out the leaves.

Leaf and Flowers

The young leaves emerge, followed shortly by the flowers.

Beech Mast

These small casings ripen to contain the seed.

Beech Nuts

Looking up

Truly awe inspiring, the sight of a mature Beech Tree, looking up towards the sky.

Winter Silhouette