Common Ash

Latin name : Fraxinus excelsior

Mature Ash Tree in Summer

Excellent Firewood

The Common Ash is one of our Native trees. It’s in the news of late because of the Dieback disease that is ravaging its number across the Country. Known for its valuable timber and excellent firewood, it’s a very useful tree.


However, the seeds germinate very easily and spread far and wide, so in some situations it can become a weed.

Flowers appear before the buds break

Known for its black winter bud, the peculiar shape flowers.

Leaves and seed.

The pinnate leaf of the Common Ash appears once the flower is over. Shortly after that the large bunches of seeds develop and mature through the remaining Summer months.

Mature Common Ash Seeds

And the appearance of the mature seeds means that autumn isn’t far away, and we’ll soon be seeing the wonderful shows of yellow that their autumn leaf will bring.

An eye-catching display in the Autumn

Seeds produced by the thousand

There is a ‘Yellow’ Ash, variety ‘Jaspidea’, and it gives a very good yellow autumn leaf colour. However its summer leaf is green. Interestingly, its bark is a golden colour when young.