Apple – Ornamentals

Latin Name : Malus sp.

Apple Blossom

Offering a variety of flower and fruit colours and forms, the ornamental and crab apples give a good choice of small to medium sizes trees.

What we are looking at above is what is considered to be ‘typical’ Apple Blossom. This species is Malus floribunda, the Japanese Crab which has been a very popular choice since its introduction in the 1860s.

As a tree it doesn’t grow very tall – 4 – 5 metres. However the spread of its crown is often greater than its height, so it will need a bit of space. There is a dwarf variety called ‘Everest’ – an unusual name for a dwarf ….

Malus ‘Profusion’

┬áThis Crab Apple is called Malus ‘Profusion’. With its ‘Wine Red’ flowers and purple/dark green leaves, you are bound to have seen it as it has been widely planted on roadside situations and in Public Parks across the Land.

It’s a good sturdy tree with slightly fragrant flowers, and even the new young shoots have a hint of red.

Malus ‘Profusion’ Fruit

The small fruits are born in clusters and are described as being ‘Ox-Blood’ red.

‘Golden Hornet’

This small tree is one of the best, and has white flowers which are followed by masses of bright yellow Crab Apples. These fruits will often remain on the tree late in the year.

‘John Downie’

Whilst the list of cultivated Crab Apples is very large, we end our personal choice with Malus ‘John Downie’. Having white flowers, it goes on to produce an abundance of beautiful red and yellow Crab Apples from which can be made a terrific ‘Crab Apple Jelly’ – just fantastic on toast in the morning!