Want Reliable Autumn Colour ?

Whilst nobody can argue that the sight of Spring Blossom really lifts the spirits, the staggering beauty of Autumn can make the heart soar. And in our own way, we can easily bring some of that brilliance into our own gardens, albeit on a smaller scale in many cases. So here are half a dozen examples of popular plants that you may like to grow yourself, to bring that splash of Autumn Colour closer to home.

This small tree, Rhus typhina or the Stag’s Horn’Sumach is a reliable small tree or large shrub. Its green summer leaves turn to this spectacular colour at Autumn time. Hang onto it once you’ve got it, because if you cut it down it has a tendency to throw up shoots from all over its root system.

Similarly, our own native shrub the Spindle Tree, Euonymus europaeus reliably gives us this bright scarlet show when its green leaves turn, an easily managed shrub, this would fit into even the smallest of gardens.

This is the ‘Smoke Bush’, Cotinus coggygria. It gets its name from the illusion of smoke that its flowers give. However it too has a reliable autumn colour.

This is a popular variety of ornamental Cherry called Prunus sargentii. The large leaves turn a wonderful red, even brightening things up a bit when left on the ground ….

Acer palmatum is one of the larger Japanese Maples, whose green leaves change to oranges or reds, and always give a good show in autumn.

This is the popular “filler” shrub the Dogwood or Cornus alba. Spectacular red stems throughout the winter, but preceded by the green summer leaf turning red at leaf fall.