Yew is much too slow …

How often have I heard that one whilst talking with a client who would really prefer ‘the look of Yew’, but knows that it’s too slow growing and will have to settle for something else that they would rather not have?

Very many times !!

It’s really quite a wrong assumption though. It is however so often thought to be true. Whether it’s because they’re seen so often in old established gardens, or in a grand setting at National Trust properties, I don’t know.

But they’re much quicker than you think…

Take these little beauties for instance. An upright variety.

It’s not at all unusual to get 40 Cms of new top growth each year….

…. so you wouldn’t have to wait for too long in some cases.

The trick is to keep them actively growing, and that comes with preparation….

…. and with a little patience you’ll be rewarded.