Why Don’t Some Weed Killers Kill Grass ?

Selective Herbicide Application

You need to be very clear about the use of Herbicides, and do not assume that they are all the same, because they are not. Some will kill everything that they touch, and are not at all suitable when it comes to killing unwanted plants within a lawn, for instance.

So, how come some don’t kill grass ?


It’s to do with the different make up of a grass plant, with its long slender leaves compared with most other plants which have broader leaves.

If you go back in the life of any plant to the point where it is emerging from its seed. If it starts to grow with only one leaf, then it’s known as a monocotyledon (one seed leaf), if it has two then it’s a dicotyledon (two seed leaves).

So, because of these differences the good old research chemists discovered that they can make a cocktail that will kill one, but not the other, and in simple terms that is how it works.