The Grass is Always Greener ….

Have you ever noticed that you’ll get the odd patch of grass in your lawn that’s ‘greener’ than the rest of it ? When you look at it more closely, chances are there’ll be clover in it.

So if there’s Clover in it why is it greener?

Whenever we want something to grow better, or to ‘green-up’ a plant or lawn a bit because the soil is poor, we use a high nitrogen fertilizer.

And you might think to yourself that there’s plenty of nitrogen in the air for the plant to get a hold of, why do we need to put it on the soil?

Well, unfortunately, a leaf can take in carbon dioxide, and it can give off oxygen, but what it can’t always do is take in nitrogen, even though there is more Nitrogen in the air than anything else.

Root Nodes ‘Fix’ Nitrogen

However, Clover has a trick up its sleeve. It is one of several plants that is capable of taking nitrogen out of the air and “fixing it” into the soil.

And it does it, together with a bacteria, using those little nodules on its roots.

So wherever a piece of barren land needs to be pepped up a bit, we use clover in the grass mix to fix nitrogen and improve the soil fertility.