Superstitions — Trees

I’m sure we’ve all had that slightly “shivery” moment whilst walking amongst the trees in a wood or forest. That moment that is so well used in Films and TV when there’s a sudden noise and nobody’s there.

Back in the day it was generally believed that “Good Spirits” lived in trees, and the expression ‘Knock on Wood’ probably hails from that belief.

Equally it’s not too difficult sometimes to be lead to believe that some force for evil could be there instead.

There are of course a few superstitions surrounding trees or their seeds.

One says that if you wear Acorns around your neck you will gain a ‘youthful glow, good luck and protection from harm’.

Or if you gather them during a Full Moon, the Acorns will ‘attract Fairies and a welcoming enchantment throughout the following month’.

Or if you keep an Acorn in your pocket ‘It can banish illness and loneliness’.

Finally, if you place Acorns near a window they will ‘ promote wisdom and prosperity and protect from lightening’.

Anyhow, no matter what you believe when your alone in the woods, and you suspect you have lost your way …. it’s very difficult not to quicken your pace …..