So, you want to use a weed killer instead of taking on 50 metres of this by hand?

There are many circumstances where the use of a weed killer does definitely save the day. These days we have to be very aware of what environmental impact that will have, and so there are 3 or 4 things we always have to ask ourselves before we act.

Why do we need to kill something?

What do we need to kill?

Do we have to use a chemical?

Which type of herbicide do we need to safely achieve the end result?

If you have a weed infested border like the one above, which is both full of the plants that you want to keep, but is also full of weeds, then it is probably best to deal with the problem by hand weeding. Of course it’s more labour intensive, but if you were to spray a herbicide around a ‘busy’ border, there are bound to be mishaps.


If you have weeds in your block paving ………

…….. or if you have a gravel drive, then weeding them by hand would be a bit of a headache. Similarly ………..

……….. if you have weeds in your lawn, getting them out by hand is virtually impossible.

But, be warned ……. you cannot use the the same type of herbicide for the lawn as you would do for the paving or gravel drives !

Unfortunately there are many wild plants which we consider to be ‘Weeds’, and not all herbicides will kill every type of ‘weed’ that you may have, so you will probably need to a). identify the weeds that you want to kill, and b). find out if the expensive weed killer that you are about to buy will successfully kill the ones you have got.

So rather than take a gamble, call in a professional and get it done properly, safely and in as environmentally friendly way as possible.