Seven of the Flowers of June

When it comes to things coming into flower, June really ‘knocks it out of the Park’. There are some obvious ones included here, but there are some plants out there that you may not have seen or even noticed.


Take this for example, the beautiful North American Tulip Tree – Liriodendron tulipifera. It’s hard to know if its common name comes from the shape of its leaves or its flower. But whatever it was, it is a truly magnificent tree which belongs to the same Family as the Magnolias, and will top out at 100 feet tall plus.

This is a Portugese Laurel – Prunus lusitanica, seen here in mid-June in a sheltered position in mixed woodland. It makes a decent evergreen hedge, but if you’ve a bit of space, it’s a real show off. Used to shelter Game Birds on the big estates, it’s certainly one to think about … if you have the space.

This is a favourite from days gone by, the Snap Dragon, Bunny Rabbits, many names exist – Anthirrinum . One of those flowers which brings you back to childhood days, the Snap Dragon is a perennial which will overwinter and flower again next year.

Canterbury Bells – Campanula is a perennial plant flowering at this time. Probably thought to be a bit old fashioned by many these days, it is none-the-less a useful and attractive addition, and this shade of blue is quite a cheerful one. Other blues, pinks and whites are available.

This is the partly formed flower of the Sweet Chestnut Tree – Castanea sativa. Fully out be the end of June, it has flowering bunches of drooping pale creamy yellow catkins. Very showy when you can see a large tree in full flower. However, these same flowers give off a scent that is reminiscent of scouring power – not nice.

Roses – Rosa, are an obvious inclusion for flowering plants in June, but there are far too many of them to do the family justice in a blog, so here’s a yellow one.

This close-up is of the ‘wild’ Rhododendron ponticum, a common ‘weed’ in many a woodland. Many many species, varieties and cultivars exist, so providing you have the right soil, or are content to grow them in containers, you have a massive choice.