Pruning Tools – “The Top Ten”

                You get what you pay for

When we go out on a pruning job, we choose from our top ten tools. Maybe the first thing you think of when it comes to pruning is a pair of secateurs. You can pick up a pair for as little as £3.99, or you can pay over £90.00. It all depends what you want to cut with them, how long at a stretch you want to be able to use them before your hand goes numb, and whether you will be able to sharpen, grease and oil and generally look after them.

Sometimes you can’t quite get through a small branch with secateurs. Maybe it’s just that bit too thick, or maybe it’s just too far away from your safe position and over-reaching could mean a fall off the ladder. This is where a pair of Loppers can save the day.

Put this bypass pruner on the end of a adjustable pole and you can really get to grips with things from the ground. Watch out that you don’t accidentally mistake an electric cable for a branch. That will really spoil your day !

Depending upon what your cutting, sometimes the use of a really sharp Billhook will trim things up nicely. Just take care you don’t miss your target and hurt yourself.

Made to only cut through live wood, these bow saws are handy things. Available in various sizes they have a fleam-tooth blade to make short work of things. Just watch out though. They are inclined to jump about a bit, and they’re very sharp.

If you actually have to get into the tree or reach out from the top of your steps to get a bigger branch with one hand, you’ll find a ‘Top Handle’ chainsaw a real asset. Weighing only 5 or 6 lbs. it’s easy enough, and you really can manage it with one hand – honest. Best left for the trained professional with a Chainsaw licence !!

Chainsaws do come bigger than the ‘Top Handle’ model, and they come much bigger that this one too. They can and are used above ground, but you need to know what you’re doing, particularly if you suspended on the end of a rope. They have a nasty bite, so once again best left to the trained and licenced proffesionals.

We still use pruning shears, As long as they’re kept sharp and the tension on the nut is right, they do a really good job. Better to use a pair of these for the close work if there’s a power pole in the hedge.

We like to use eco-friendly power tools if we can, so we use these battery hedge cutters. One charge lasts all day, and they don’t make that depressing noise either.

Finally, if when you get a firm platform to allow you to cut the top of your 3.5 metre high hedge and you find that it is 2.5 metres across, you’ll need one of these. With an extendable length and an adjustable cutting head, you’ll be able to reach all the angles.

But if you don’t want to buy them, don’t worry, we already have.