Modern Day Pruning .. What I Hate About It…

Take a walk around the grounds of your local Supermarket, and you will see that it is inhabited by nothing else but hedges.

If you look closely at these hedges, you’ll find that they are made up of many different plant types which have been allowed/encouraged to grow together for the ease and therefore cheapness of their maintenance. By maintenance I mean pruning or cutting back.



I know of one which has over 60 different types of shrubs within its grounds, but to the untrained eye they all look the same. These plants have different needs, and one of those needs is to be pruned at a particular time of year. As flowering buds develop at different times of the year, depending upon their flowering period, doing it at the wrong time of year can result in it not flowering at all.

This is what happens at the Supermarket I mentioned. All those plants with all that potential to produce beauty – wasted because neither the managers of the store nor the staff that maintain the grounds have the foggiest idea of how to maintain their magnificent asset. This has also meant that many modern day workforces have not had the benefit of proper training when it comes to knowing how to prune most of the popular garden variety shrubs. They have only ever used a hedge cutter. It has however given birth to a new horticultural term – ‘Hedgecutter It !!!’ I also worry that many so called professional landscapers have a very poor basic knowledge of even the most common trees and shrubs.