Is Weeding Really Necessary ?

The regular chore of having to weed a flower border can seem to be never ending. It is tempting to just let things get on with it and hang the result. But then you just end up looking at a depressing mess. If only there was a solution or a better incentive to do it.

A mulch is partly a solution to the problem, but what is the incentive to get out there and do the weeding ? Well there is one, and it’s quite a powerful incentive too.

It’s true. There are any number of common Pests and Diseases for which common weeds are the host plant. What this can mean is that the young plants which you bought at the local Plant Nursery, or which you have ordered in from a Specialist Supplier could be at great risk of being infected by the pests and diseases carried by common weeds.

¬†Weeds after all are only wild flowers. Many will be related to the ornamental and cultivated plants which you may wish to grow. So it isn’t any great surprise that your new plants can either catch the diseases that the weeds may carry, or be affected by the pests either.

However, if you keep on top of the weeding, you go some way towards protecting your plants from harm.