It seems that prices rarely go down.

It is therefore probably right to assume that food prices will continue to go up ——- so why not grow your own veg ?

And you’re maybe thinking of all of that back-breaking digging that you’ll have to do – and all the wheelbarrows full of manure you’ll have to move – and the weeding – and the watering – and the pests and diseases ……………….. and all for a few beans ?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. I’m not writing this blog to those avid allotment owners who devote many long and enjoyable hours in the company of other avid allotment owners. I’m aiming at people who may well have a small, modern-day garden which can offer a bit of space in a sunny part of the garden, in which you could grow a few of the things you like most. And I know you’ve heard it a million times before, BUT – they really do taste better when you’ve grown them yourself.

So —- what could I grow – I’ve never grown anything before – what if I get it wrong ……………. etc., etc.. Well the truth is, if you follow a few simple steps, you don’t have to grow them, because they grow themselves

But before we look at what we could grow, importantly we must look at where we will grow our award-winning vegetables ! Now I’m using this image merely to show that people can grow in a tiny area. If you have more space than a window box, I do think that using a raised bed is the best way to start off because it’s small, free draining, easy to look after and importantly you don’t have to tread on it as you can reach every part of it from the edge. So start off by creating a small raised bed in the sunniest place that you can. Make sure that you dig the bottom of it before adding further soil to undo any compaction that may be there. Then you’re ready to choose your seeds or ready-grown plants. If you only had two such beds, then I reckon you wouldn’t need more than a border fork, and garden trowel and a watering can.

So look how much is growing here ! Whether you sow seeds first or buy small plants, just have a go … you’ll be glad you did.