Five Common Lawn Weeds

I guess when it comes to Buttercups and Daises, many people don’t think of them as being a lawn weed. They have somehow become a part of growing up. Some of the earliest Childhood memories might have been of making Daisy Chains, or of seeing if your friends like Butter. But lawn weeds they actually are.

So a statement like that demands the answer to the questions – “What is a Weed?” and also “Why does it matter?” “Is it a Weed or a Flower?”

There have been all sorts of ‘clever’ and ‘trendy’ answers to those questions over the last 50 years or so. My view is that all weeds are Wild Flowers. The things that put a plant into the category of being a weed are its ability to easily and sometimes quickly reproduce itself. And in doing that, making what we might think of as ” A Nuisance of Itself “.

And they don’t all do it quietly. We’ve all seen a Thistle growing through Tarmac after all.


This one is Plantain, and for the potential size of it, it’s surprising that it would survive the mowers, but it does.


Dandelions are quite a common lawn weed, spreading quite easily by seed and appearing abundantly immediately after the Daffodils are over.

Commonly removed from a lawn by digging out the long tap root, or easily controlled chemically.


Speedwell can commonly appear in lawns. Not always easy to remove, popular lawn weed killers will deal with it, but it takes a while – 6 weeks or so.