Do You Know Your Native Trees ?

Sadly, many people have suffered enormously during the UK Lockdown. Those of us who fortunately have come out the other side maybe caught up with the DIY or perhaps got a Dog for the first time.


So, if you got a dog, or if you had one already, you were probably very glad to take it for a walk.

But when you were in the woods, were you like this little dog and wondering ‘What on Earth am I looking at?’

And if you and your dog  were embarrassed at your lack of knowledge, I am sure you both vowed to do something about it – didn’t you ?

Now sit down – you might learn something.

And that is where we come in !!

We’ve been around doing what we do for nearly 40 years, so you can rely upon us to help you with your horticultural needs.

When it comes to gardens you won’t find us barking up the wrong tree’