Dealing With Our Changing Climate …

The Things That we Need To Be Thinking Of ….

Is it me, or is our climate changing ???

Those of us who work amongst plants have been noticing for many years how the seasons and weather have been changing.

When it rains now it seems to pour, the winters are generally a bit warmer and summers a little hotter.

There are always exceptions, but essentially it seems to be the case.

That’s not to say that we will suddenly have Palm trees popping up everywhere!!

However, things are changing, and some of the things that we have been growing traditionally, for hundreds of years simply aren’t doing as well as they did.

But we can’t just sit around and moan about it. Of course we need to be more careful. You would need to have been living on Mars not to have received that message.

What we have to do is adjust. But climate change is not always  the reason that individual plants don’t do well in the garden.

I have often come across situations where I have been asked questions like … ‘why do my Rhododendrons always die after a few years ?’   When I visit and  look at the surrounding area and take note of what is doing well generally, it is clear to see the reason. The position may be wrong … the soil may be wrong … there may be a multitude of environmental reasons. But one thing I know for sure. You can’t beat nature. There is absolutely no point in trying to make something grow where it can’t .

And that is why it is important to get advice that you can trust, and that is where we come in.

When it comes to the selection of species, we will give you a true and unbiased opinion.