Choosing what to plant …

How to avoid planting disasters !!!!

Lombardy Poplar – Populus nigra ‘Italica’

I have lost count of the times that I have come across a plant or planting in a garden which is ultimately unsuitable for its situation. The keeper of the garden has come home with a nice, cute, sweet little tree from the garden centre, only to find a few years later that they have a monster growing there, and the cute little tree has gone. And when I ask about why it is there they say …. “well it had such pretty leaves, and I thought that it would look nice in that corner … “

All very human and natural, and haven’t we all been there. But when you discover that you have nurtured  a Lombardy Poplar, believing that it will “fill that corner nicely …”, and then you find out that the pretty little 7 feet high tree that you thought wasn’t going to get any bigger is only going to be 7 feet tall for a little while – because it is on its way to 70 feet !! — and that can be a worry.

Not only that. All the time you have been growing the wrong thing, you have been wasting the time that the plant you would really have liked could have been establishing itself.

Because we pay so much for our properties, we must try to get the best out of our gardens too.

This is where Professionals can help. They’ll help you choose the right plants for every situation, so that you can avoid having a monster in your garden.