Architectural Plants –

Plants that stand out.


Now – these guys definitely stand out, but they’re perhaps not quite what I’m talking about.

…. even these younger guys won’t do either. Because what we’re talking about here is the planting of an individual plant in a prominent position. A plant that screams out ….. LOOK AT ME !!!!

This is Mahonia japonica …. very regular growth patterns with striking whorls of vertical yellow spikes. Back in the 1960s they flowered in January … nowadays, the changing climate has pushed them forward to mid to late October.

…. sometimes they’re a bit bigger, like this member of the Dogwood family.

Cornus kousa hails from the Orient, flowers in May/June and makes a terrific ‘stand alone’ plant.

Often they’re like this … this Pampas grass becomes very large, and our local TV gardener, Percy Thrower used to recommend setting them alight at the seasons end. We would not go that far !!! 

Or like this Juniper ‘Skyrocket’

Whatever they are, they are bold and attract the eye all on their own.

Like this Tree Fern

Or this Hosta