Top Gardening Jobs For The Month Of May

Now that the Winter months are supposed to be behind us, and the risk of frost diminishes, there are a variety of ‘housekeeping’ jobs that we really need to keep on top of.

Now is the time to prune those early Spring-flowering shrubs. These are plants which produce their flowers on ‘old’ wood. What we need to do is to remove the older growths and encourage new growth. This seasons new growth will produce the flower buds for next year. So we’re thinking about shrubs like the illustrated Forsythia, the Flowering Currant, Ribes sanguinea etc.. This also gives us the chance to re-shape a shrub if we need to.

Another job we need to do is to deadhead our spring bulbs. Once the flowers begin to fade, their job is done and they move on to the next function of the flower which is of course to produce seed. This uses up energy which we would rather goes into building up the bulb ready for flowering next year. So we can stop that process by taking off the dead flowers, making sure that we take them off below the swelling where the seeds will form, which is immediately below the flower.

The last thing to mention is to do with trying to keep the weeds in your borders, containers and vegetable gardens to a minimum. A weed is a weed because it’s good at reproducing itself quickly or reliably. Apart from taking up space, taking nutrients that we would rather went into the plants that we want to grow, they can also harbour pests and diseases which our cultivated plants could be related to and thus therefore be badly affected by. So be sure to keep on top of it if you can.