The Earthshot Prize

As a Company, Priestgate Garden Specialists Ltd wholeheartedly endorse the fantastic efforts of HRH the Duke of Cambridge in his determination to make life on earth sustainable.

Recycling our green waste has been a part of our business model for 30 years or more, and we are helped with this by using local recycling firms within Telford.

Of course, for many years we have all had access to the Council-run Green Bin Scheme where we can put our own green waste out for collection once a fortnight. This helps to guaranty us all that it is being treated correctly.

Our own green waste is collected together and is then delivered directly to our local recycling firm. They shred it with a machine similar to this one.

This action leaves the waste more open for quick and easy decomposition, or composting. These huge piles of composting material are then turned regularly to produce a finished product which is then sold as a soil improving material.

We also use battery operated machines where we can, and will undoubtedly move over to electric vans as soon as we can.