Boundary Fencing

In almost all cases, one of the many things we all may end up owning or looking after, whether we want to or not is a boundary fence …. or two …. or more ! They are the part of our garden which we may not have given great consideration to when we first moved in, and yet they have a significant role and a huge visual impact.

And then one night, usually in January, just after Christmas when you’re all spent out, a gale snaps off one of your fence posts.

Or you’re just made aware that you are on the cusp of needing a new fence and maybe it’s best to deal with it before it gets worse and the dog escapes.

Then it’s “shall I have the same again or go for something different?” And that’s where we can come in.

Maybe you fancy something that will let the air pass through it so it won’t blow over. You can also grow stuff on it.

Or there’s the round top and pointed top ‘Picket’ fences and the flat top ‘Pallisade’ fence.

Then there’s ‘Lap’ panels, ‘Closeboard’ panels, ‘Diagonal’ panels, and umpteen different styles of ‘Fancy’ panels

Or maybe you fancy the sturdy ‘Hit and Miss’ fence with vertical planks on either one or both sides. Difficult to see through but allows for free movement of air.

Or if you’re in the country, maybe a traditional ‘Post and Rail’ fence or a metal ‘Estate Fence’

You can even have ‘Hazel Wattles’ if you like. But whether you choose ‘off the peg’ panels or a bespoke style ….. You’ve got plenty of choice !