APRIL – Gateway to the Summer

It is tempting after a cold snap in early Spring to jump into action at the sight of the first Daffodil, and the promise of better days to come.

Most keen gardeners will have started their preparations for the coming season back in the late autumn months of last year, preparing the soil and planning which seed they want to buy. Cutting back shrubs and dividing perennials.

So it is easy for those amongst you with little or no experience to feel intimidated by more experienced gardeners, and to believe that maybe you’ve missed the boat this year.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that all is not lost !!

Maybe you haven’t got a big garden, or maybe the garden you have is in a bit of a state. Maybe you’ve only just moved into your new home and the previous owners slabbed the whole garden, or maybe it’s a new house and the back garden is just mud.

If your soil is too hard to dig, or if it’s still too wet and you sink in, then you will have to choose a different approach, because the soil will only dry out given time.

But this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost out. Containers, whether they be pots or troughs will give you the chance to plant something that you can enjoy until conditions or circumstances will allow you to deal with the muddy patch.